Stolle introduces new inker test cart

Stolle introduces new inker test cart

Image: Stolle

Stolle Machinery has introduced a new product in the form of an inker test cart for its Concord Decorator ink stations.

It allows inkers to be tested and serviced off of the decorator machine without interrupting can line production. The mobile cart has locking casters and can be moved as needed on the plant floor. It features full perimeter guarding with locking switches for compliance with CE and ANSI safety standards. The guard doors on all four sides swing open to allow full access to the inker when it is not running.

The inker mounting stand has sliding bars that allow the inkers to be easily installed or removed from overhead or the front. Integrated quick-disconnect ports match the connection ports on the decorator. The servomotor drive assembly slides in and out for easy engagement/disengagement with the inker drive coupling, and is adjustable to align with the ink station. The servomotor will run-in the inker at speeds up to 1000 RPM, and features a timer that automatically shuts off the motor after a user-selectable amount of run-in time.

The test cart includes an onboard coolant pump for priming the inker coolant lines and testing seal integrity at pressure.
The integrated 8.5-gallon coolant tank has enough capacity to run-in four inkers, and features an automatic refill function using an onboard coolant pump. The controlled air system provides pneumatic operation of the inker form and ductor
rolls to verify their proper function. The onboard pulse lube system has functions to prime the inker lube system, and provide automatic lubrication for the ink station bearings and bushings during operation. The cart’s integrated HMI provides inker control, status monitoring, and diagnostics. Pressure and temperature-monitoring sensors provide diagnostic information and fault-monitoring capabilities.

The Stolle inker test cart will be a valuable accessory for its Concord Decorators and will improve the efficiency and productivity of your can lines, the company says.

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