Guala Closures launches sustainable wine caps range

Guala Closures launches sustainable wine caps range

Guala Closures, producer of aluminium caps, has released its latest sustainable range to the French market: Divinum Blossom, a screwcap for wine made with recyclable and renewable materials.

The company has reinforced the sustainability characteristics of Divinum in the standard wine screwcap 30×60 format. In accordance with one of the four guiding models of the manufacturer’s eco-design strategy, the new cap is manufactured using mainly recycled, recyclable and renewable source materials.

While the classic Divinum cap is already made up, on average, of 58% recycled aluminium, Divinum Blossom also uses new liners produced from renewable materials. The new seals or liners use bio-based polyethylene and bio-based plastic for the expanded part of the liner. As a result, it includes up to 100% renewable material.

Divinum Blossom is ‘greener’ and retains all the advantages of screwcaps – controlled oxygen transmission rate (OTR), no contamination by TCA, the bacterium responsible for the ‘cork taint’ and possibility of decoration and customization of the capsule.

It is available in preview on the French market, distributed by Guala Closures France, the Group’s French company located in Tours (Indre-et-Loire).