Torus introduces new coating inspection

Torus introduces new coating inspection

Torus’ new Z340 Coating Analyser series is offering customers unprecedented upgrades to coating and lacquer inspection.

The dual gauging system is now equipped with two spectrometers. Visible light is used to measure internal lacquer and over varnish on non-decorated cans. In addition to this, new routines have been developed for the measurement of reverse dome walls and rim coat for the first time.

Near Infrared (NIR) light is used to enable measurement of opaque internal lacquers and over varnishes on decorated cans, negating the effects of coloured inks. The two aspects of the gauge can measure simultaneously without compromising running speeds.

The improved Z340 also operates using a new fibre set up creating a smaller spot size to optimise measurement of rim coat and reverse wall with dedicated tooling to enable precise location of measurement positions on both features.

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