Sencon develops leak testing for ends

Sencon has developed its latest on-press light tester specially adapted for food ends.

“Sencon’s ELTP (End Light Tester Package) detects pinholes and cracks in ends while they are still on the conversion press belt. It has been the most widely used solution for detecting leaks in beverage ends during production for over 20 years. The latest design is now also suitable for easy open food ends. Systems have already been installed for round, ¼ club, Hansa, ham can, and large pear-shaped ends, with other shapes available on request,” said Sencon in a statement.

“As large food ends tend to be quite flexible, keeping them tight against a light seal on the leak detector was an engineering challenge. Sencon has developed a unique vacuum-driven Seal-and-Release system to hold the ends stable while being tested. So, food end makers can now also benefit from 100% on-press product inspection.”

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