X-Rite, Pantone and Sun Chemical release new metal deco libraries for 2 Piece cans

X-Rite, Pantone and Sun Chemical release new metal deco libraries for 2 Piece cans

X-Rite Incorporated, Pantone LLC, and Sun Chemical have announced two new Metal Deco dependent colour libraries for PantoneLIVE, a cloud-based digital colour standard ecosystem.

Consisting of over 4,000 new colour options, the Metal Deco libraries for opaque and transparent applications help beverage manufacturers and brands set achievable expectations for producing Pantone colour standards on two-piece beverage cans.

The libraries were developed by capturing the closest achievable match to the core Pantone Matching System colours that can be produced by applying Metal Deco ink onto aluminum with a gloss varnish finish, in both opaque and transparent applications.

“Providing Pantone approved colours on a beverage can is a true first for the industry,” said Inaki Llona, global champion metal deco inks, Sun Chemical.

“The colour approval process is now as simple as selecting the required Pantone colour in PantoneLIVE. No more guesswork, delays with ink rollouts moving backwards or forwards and no more delays or disappointment during new design production runs. Customers have the peace of mind knowing that final product runs will match the Pantone standard.”

“We are seeing more localisation and short runs in the beverage and craft beer markets,” said Adrián Fernández, vice president and general manager, Pantone.

“The new Metal Deco libraries make it easier for brands, design agencies and canmakers to select Pantone colour combinations and finalise graphics that can be accurately produced on two-piece cans. This helps speed up the entire packaging design process and get products to market faster.”

“Together with Sun Chemical, we are continuously updating the PantoneLIVE platform to support a wider range of packaging applications. The PantoneLIVE ecosystem now offers more than 70,000 colour choices for the top packaging and printing applications helping designers, brand owners and suppliers digitally communicate and visualise on-screen how colour palettes will appear in production,” said Fernández.

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