MCMA lend support to CanTech The Grand Tour 

MCMA lend support to CanTech The Grand Tour 

Sanjay Bhatia

Metal Container Manufacturers Association of India (MCMA) is established to promote trade, commerce and industry in India, in particular connected with Metal Containers and its allied products like caps, closures, lug caps, components, and printed sheets.

MCMA’s president, Sanjay Bhatia, has committed the association’s support to CanTech The Grand Tour event, which takes place in New Delhi, India, on 17-19 February 2020. With 42 years of experience of the metal packaging industry, Bhatia has a wealth of industry knowledge which will benefit the event, including knowledge of the domestic market, and recent trends within the Indian packaging market.

Bhatia is currently managing director of Hindustan Tin Works, a leading manufacturer of tin containers for food, and non-food products.

Commenting on CanTech The Grand Tour, Bhatia said: “I am pleased to learn that CanTech The Grand Tour 2020 is being held in New Delhi during February, and the fact that MCMA is a partner for the conference.

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend a few of Bell Publishing’s conferences in the past and of course regularly read CanTech International’s publication. I look forward to being part of said conference, and wish Bell Publishing and CanTech International a great success with the show.”

Bhatia will act as a keynote speaker at the event, on behalf of MCMA.

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