CMI responds to aluminium and steel tariffs

CMI responds to aluminium and steel tariffs

The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) has said it applauds the exclusion of aluminium and steel tariffs from the US Canada and Mexico Trade Agreement.

US can manufacturers are “thrilled” that an agreement is being reached without tariffs or quotas.

US steel and aluminium producers are unable to satisfy domestic demand for beverage. food, aerosol and other can production, meaning the can industry relies on imported metal to make up the shortfalls. Forty-two percent of tinplate steel needs to be imported to manufacture food cans, while more than 60% of primary aluminium needs to be imported from foreign sources to produce aluminum cansheet used to manufacture beverage cans.

In the meantime, CMI is awaiting clarification from the Commerce Department on what the agreement means for imported aluminium and steel from these two countries, along with a response for the exclusion of can manufacturers exclusions from the tariffs.

“We have asked Commerce Secretary Ross to meet with us so we can explain why granting can manufacturers exclusion applications are essential to maintaining food and beverage can competitiveness,” said the CMI in a statement.